In the days of the Romans it was a common practice for people to eat, then to use something to vomit, so that they could continue the pleasure of eating. Nowadays this phenomena is appearing in people as an illness. Europeans do not eat in a normal way. For example: in the evening they go to a restaurant and they sit at least for 3 hours and more. They eat and drink and eat and drink for so many hours. They are only eating out of enjoyment, not out of necessity. The illness comes to them to make them come back to a normal life. They should eat when they need. If they do not need it, they shouldn’t eat. People who suffer of bulemia should first stop to eat different kinds of food. They should not be mixing while they are eating. Their stomach does not accept mixed foods. They should eat only twice a day and drink barley water to prevent the vomiting. As long as they eat out of enjoyment the illness will never leave them. They should also never eat until they are full, but leave 1/3 empty. Within 40 days the illness will leave them. They should also try not to eat artificial hormones , but instead come back to simple foods: rice, wheat, barley, potatoes, vegetables… and all of it without hormones. Spices are all right, they prevent vomiting, especially thyme. Best is to take one tablespoon of thyme with salt every morning, chew it and afterwards drink a bit of water. Also drink hot drinks, don’t drink alcohol or any fizzy artificial drinks. With every meal eat salad with salt, vinegar, olive oil and onions.

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