I don’t believe that there are babies who don’t come out. The only problem is that we are impatient. The One Who has planted the foetus in the womb of the mother must also bring it out. But we are not patient people.
Another reason why a lot of caesareans are done, is that people pay much more for a caesarean than for a normal birth. I don’t believe that doctors do it for the best of the mothers. I don’t believe that they are doing a good and a right thing.
Just last week I was saying, concerning my own daughter-in-law, Don’t do it, let her deliver the baby! The gynaecologist said, Everything is normal. But it is the first baby, so maybe the labour pains will last until tonight. Go to your home to rest and come back in the afternoon! The mistake was, that Istanbul is too big a city to just go and come like that, so in the afternoon when the pain increased, she had to be taken to another hospital which was nearer. In the private ward two other gynaecologists had a look at her and said, Oh, this is too much pain for her, her hands are already blue, which means it is dangerous. And the baby is upside down. The feet are at the bottom. What can we do? The doctor in charge answered that a caesarean would be the only solution. Then, even though my daughter-in-law shouted that she did not want it, they did it.
The first doctor, who she had visited in the morning, said afterwards that everything had been all right and normal, also that the head had been lying like it should. He was the one who had been examining her all those months of pregnancy, so he should know. So I don’t believe in doctors when it comes to deciding when to make a caesarean. They take money and cut.

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