The problem of mankind nowadays is that they do not believe. That is the root of nearly all their problems. These problems bring sufferings which make people unhappy and take away their peace and satisfaction. The problem of children is one of the biggest and it gives mankind a lot of suffering. Some people wish to have children and they can’t. Others, like most young people, don’t want any, neither before nor after the wedding. Illegal relationships are spreading all over the world and are destroying men and women physically and morally. Before marriage they are using contraception so that they will not have a baby as a result of their relationship. So they take a lot of poison to prevent getting pregnant. With this they are destroying themselves. Then, when they start a legal relationship after the illegal one, no children will be granted to them.
When Allah Almighty does grant a child, people often say, One is enough! or Two are enough! or Three are enough! They don’t want more than that, so they start taking contraception again. So what does Islam say to that?
First of all: Islam does not allow any illegal relationships. Then, there is only permission to use contraception under very special conditions. If it is clear that there would be danger to the life of the mother or the baby, or if the parents have an illness which could be inherited by the child, or by coming generations, then contraception is allowed.
But nowadays the reasons for contraception are purely personal. For example, women are afraid of getting children because motherhood does not fit into the situation in which most young girls find themselves nowadays. Once a woman is married, she wants to keep her figure and look like she did before she was married. Usually motherhood changes the figure. The way they want to look is usually the main reason for not wanting children.
The second reason is the financial one which forces most people not to want to have children. Most people don’t believe that Allah Almighty has secured the provision for everyone and that their work and fate has been predestined. Most people are atheists and materialists who will never accept that Allah has created the children and that He will look after them. There is no reason to be worried. Just like we are living, Allah will let them live and will create suitable conditions for them in which to live. Their future is not like ours. The conditions for living are being changed every day, all the time. But unbelievers think that the same conditions will stay, and that is why they try to prevent children from being born. They kill them and this is a great sin.
The third reason is that women are not in the homes anymore. Cruel men force them to not only do the work in the house, but outside the house too. I have never seen such cruelty as in the 20th century, especially coming from men. Men also work outside, then they come home, sit down and relax. At the same time, women come home from work, and have to continue to work at home. At the age of 30 they already start to age.
And the silly women don’t notice that the silly men are fooling them by telling them that men and women are equal and that they can be police-women, lawyers, doctors etc. The women just say, yes to all of that.
Then when these women have children, they don’t even know their mothers properly, because except for a few hours, they are put in nurseries. They never experience the loving care and love of their mother, who by then is saying, We need peace, two children are enough. Usually even one is enough for them.
Physically women who are working outside are made so weak that they do not feel encouraged to have more children. Islam takes the side of women when it says, No work for women outside the house.
When I am given power, I will stop women from working outside their house. I will give them a salary for staying at home which will be higher than the one earned by the men working outside. Like that they will be happier inside than outside. In Europe I see women who leave their houses in the morning darkness to catch a train or a bus, or who take a car to get to work. What is this cruelty good for? The whole responsibility is on the shoulders of men, but today most of them are representatives of the devil and they do not believe. I will punish those who let their women work outside. Also those who don’t spend at least three hours a day with their children and wife.
In our days all conditions of communal life are based on cruelty and the women are forced to work. We have to change everything from A to Z and turn cruelty into justice and give women their rights. I am for all women staying at home without any exception. It does not mean that they should not be researching intellectually or develop whatever skills they have. They can do that, but without the pressure of having to earn money with it. Spiritually they have exactly the same duties as men, and the hadith to search for knowledge where ever you can, even if it means going to China, applies in the same way to women as to men.

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