Cot deaths are results of jinn playing with the baby. So take all precautions:
1. Babies should, like grown-ups, never sleep on their stomachs. It should be either on the back or on the right side. Ideal is to have the head lying in the direction of the qibla, or to be facing the qibla when lying on the right side.
2. Let your baby wear the tawihs at all times.
3. Put a pillow or a cloth close to the baby with the colour red or purple, because these colours put jinn in a friendly mood.
4. Don’t upset the jinn by doing housework after sunset. Especially work with water like mopping or laundry. Jinn are made of fire and any connection with water, especially after sunset when their day begins, upsets them. If it is necessary, then be very sure to invoke every action with a loud, Bismillah!

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