Before going to sleep at night:
1. Heat 3 tbl. spoons of olive oil.
2. Drench a big piece of cotton-wool with the hot olive oil.
3. Wrap it up in newspaper.
4. Put it on the chest while still hot.
5. Cover with a woollen sweater and leave until morning.
Repeat for 10 nights. Also drink on cup of water and honey boiled with cloves, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger four times a day. and / or: Boil one big spoon of cornflour with a cup of milk. Add sugar and honey and drink hot before sleeping. Cover your head preferably with wool. and / or: Put halva paper (the paper in which halva, a Turkish sweet, is wrapped in) on your chest and on your back, cover with a woollen garment and leave overnight.

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