Anything taken away from the body, however small, makes the body abnormal and will give it trouble and pain and cause it to be incomplete. Curettage is the worst. Permission to do such a thing can only be given if a baby dies in the womb and they are obliged to remove it. If not, women who do that will be punished until the end of their lives. They are hurting their organ, and especially if the foetus is more than 4 months old, which means that it is also living in a spiritual sense, it is so dangerous to take away, and so cruel. It is like murdering it. Don’t ever give permission to do such a thing.
In other cases when doctors advise to make a curettage the reason is that the organ has not been used in a good way. Every enjoyment has been made, and that which is prohibited, must be punished. Only if it happened before coming to Islam and before knowing that it is prohibited, then it is s different case. Then it is forgiven by Allah Almighty and the punishment is taken away. After someone has come to Islam, every haram action the person does will be punished and wil bring trouble.

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