There are 2 main groups of epileptics:
1. Those possessed by jinn: if the attack is caused by jinn it is useful to put a piece of iron on the back of the neck until the attack is over. Any iron will do: knife, spoon… Always wear a tawihs covered in leather. Any sura or verse from the Holy Quran should be recited over them.
2. Dysfunction of the brain, this is sometimes caused by babies falling on their heads and it can then happen that they bleed in the head. This blood clots and damages the rest of the brain. These patients should be shaved on top of their head and be cupped. Only the clotted blood should be taken, not the clean. Repeat 3 times. Then take cow-gall and put it on the same place. Mix butter and black seeds (nigella saliva) in a thick paste and put on top. Tie the head for 3 days changing the head-band every 24 hours and putting some new mixture on it. One treatment is enough, insha ‘Allah.

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