This is connected to your spiritual life.
1. If you are an unbeliever you must start to believe, because no-one will give you peace except Allah.
2. If you are a believer you have no reason to fear if you have never harmed anyone. If you have, or if you did a disliked action, you must stop it because the harm will come back like a boomerang to you. If you insist on being rebellious, your fear will stay.
3. Believers should take a shower or a bath or just do wudu and pray. Unbelievers should sit down, close their eyes and be quiet.
Allah Almighty does not allow us to be tired of serving Him. We should always strive to do that, not be too tired. The angels are never too tired, they are always’making zikr. If you are praising the Lord it will support your soul and the soul supports the body.

When the spiritual support stops death will come. When the soul leaves the body it will die, because nothing supports it anymore. That is when you die.
According to the amount of zikr you do, you will find peace, happiness and satisfaction in yourself. The more time you spend with spirituality in the form of prayers and servanthood, you will find a secret happiness within yourself.
People are looking everywhere in the outside world to find happiness. But that is impossible. Even if they are kings, lords or the richest person on earth, Medicines-materialistic things will never give satisfaction. Only the praising of the Lord will give satisfaction and more feelings of security concerning the future.
The more zikr you make, the more you will feel that you are protected. The coming days will be very difficult, dangerous and fearful. People will ask for security more and more and will start running to places where they think that they can be secure.
My Grandsheik said that when a dangerous situation comes to you run quickly to make wudu or take a bath. That will calm your nerves. If that is not enough, then take your praying-carpet, sit down on it, stand up on it and start to pray. This place will be the safest for you. The praying-carpet and prayers are the biggest protection now and in eternity.
In the First World War Grandsheik was a volunteer in the army. He told us that when he was in the Dardanelles there was the fiercest fighting going on. So many armies wanted to pass through. Grandsheik was there right until the end. Thousands died. He told us, One day I was praying duha while enemies were attacking and throwing bombs at us. The biggest bomb of all came and exploded, because it was near to the main quarters of the army. Thirty seven people were killed. Everything was covered with dust. The general said, Oh, our Sheik has died, the bomb fell exactly on his praying-carpet.
After the dust had settled, the general could see Grandsheik and how he was still praying in the distance. Nothing had happened to him, so the general was surprised and said to him, What happened? Nothing happened, said Grandsheik, nothing that hadn’t been ordered by Allah. I was praying duha and I had no fear. I did not look to the right or to the left. The general said, This prayer has rescued you. I swear, that when I come out of this I will not fail to do any of my prayers. Oh, Hoca Effendi, I am not praying out of fear of Allah, because so many times I have neglected my prayers and Allah did not punish me in any way. But now I fear that punishment could come from you. Grandsheik says that as long as you are on the praying-carpet nothing evil can come to you. The first and the last protection for mankind is the praising of the Lord. So many terrible and dangerous days will be coming now. What you have seen until now is nothing compared to what will come. The people of that time will walk by the cemeteries and say, Oh, you there under the soil, you are lucky not to see these days. I also wish to be with you there underneath. Terrible days are ahead of us. Believe in God and pray. Take your praying-rug, sit down on it and pray and praise the Lord. There is no other protection than this now. No army in the world can give you protection. The angels are glorifying the Lord. They never tire to do so, because the glorifying is their food. The power of one angel is more than the power of all mankind. It is a special power. Compared to spiritual power weapons do not mean a thing. These can be stopped in one moment. One single person can stop all nuclear weapons in one single night, in one hour, in one moment. We are not afraid of a nuclear war. It be the way they want it to be. The control is in the hands of one Holy Person who is controlling everything. This world is under Heavenly Control. People think that they are the ones who are controlling it, but they are not controlling anything. The real control is in the hands of the 5 qutubs. Allah commands us and He loves it when we glorify Him. It gives you energy and peace, it gives you everything. Try to spend more time doing so. Say more La illaha illallah, more salawat and more Allah Allah… Try to spend more of your time for spiritual energy. Every prayer and every zikr will give you more energy and more strength and more love for Allah. Real life comes from love. When there is no love, there is no life. The Holy Ones say, that those who have no love are like dead people. Love is life, light and that which makes us complete. The more we have of it, the more our life will be complete and full of pleasure. The main target of our tariqat is to train people to make more zikr and to take more power and support. The time for the Last Day is coming closer. Hundreds of signs have appeared, and one of them is that people have stopped praising the Lord. That is why so much suffering is coming to them. Then they ask for drugs.

The cure for all illnesses is the glorification of the Lord. The love for Allah will give peace now and forever.

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