Woman holding ultrasound scan of pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant it is not even advisable for her to go to the doctor. No-one’s hand should reach the foetus. It is so wrong and against the Divine Rules. When Allah Almighty begins to create and to complete the foetus, angels are working on it. They never want doctors to look at what is inside. They want it to be left as a trust. So don’t go! It is the biggest mistake you can do, to go for a check-up every month when you are pregnant.
In the old days when the pains of birth came a midwife was called who then said, “Bismillahi rahmani rahim. Oh, my Lord, let your servant come!” That was all. I am against every form of control which the doctors are doing. Ultra-sound is a most dangerous thing to do for the foetus. It is unacceptable to disturb it in such a way. You never know which harm the radiation has caused to the child; if it goes through the eyes it can make them blind, through the ears make them deaf, through the mouth make them dumb…
Altogether ultra-sound is useless, even for cancer. The doctors do not know how to find a medicine to cure cancer, so they use ultra-sound. It is only good for them to earn more money. It is not a cure. That is why I am against the scan in general.

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